Sripakpra Resort Phatthalung
Sripakpra Resort

    Sripakpra Resort is located at the meeting point of Parkpra river and Songkhla lake, in Phattalung province. The area is rich with various aquatic animals providing a source of income to
the locals,most of whom are fishermen and women. It is for this reason Pakprariver has several giant fishing nets called “yor”. The giant fishing nets are used to catch tiny fish which is abundant in this area call “look blae” fish. This has been the way of life for the locals in Prakpra area for several generations. Their day starts before day break, just as the sun is about to ascend from the horizon. The view is breathtaking for a few short minutes as the water is flooded with golden rays of sunshine, that slowly gets refracted into several beautiful colors. It is like art being created by nature right before your eyes.

    When we were children our father used to make his livelihood from this area. Now, as adults we returned to this area to find that it is still as beautiful as before, the memories from our childhood started to return, and that is why we decided to open Sripakpra Resort. The name is a collaboration of our mothers’ name, Somsri, and the area Pakpra. Our goal is to make the area known and to help develop this small fishing village.

    Aside from the rich aquatic life, there are several other nature travel destinations and folkways that you can experience in Phattalung.

    Sripakpra Resort ThaleNoi is located at south of Thailand in the Phattalung province. Bordering around one of Thailand largest inland seas,

    Which supports an extreme array of biodiversity. Here at Sripakpra we try to incorporate an eco-friendly design, to help minimize any disturbances to the natural

    surroundings while still offering our guests with excellent service and sceneries to match.